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Category : Drivers

EXPERIENCED TRACTOR DRIVER REQUIRED.YSIIEA are looking for 30 experienced tractor drivers to work for our UK customers in 2016.You will have a contract with direct employer in England.Very good salary. We organise meeting with the employer and driving test in ROMANIA.

Your job would be to drive the farm tractor, moving pallets of fresh produce and moving various trailers around the farm. This involves caution at all times for the general public as public roads and byways will be used. The ideal candidate MUST have previous experience and good command of English.

Key Responsibilities:

•Complete relevant vehicle checks before entering or moving the vehicle.

•‪Report defects of the vehicle to the Farm manager.

•‪Drive vehicle in a competent manner abiding by driving lawfully.

•Deliver and collect onions and potatoes from various locations.

•Adhere to business health & safety protocols in respect of traffic movement and management.

•Follow external business health & safety protocols in respect of traffic movement and management.

•Follow Highway and legal requirements when driving on public roads.

•‪Drive in a competent manner, consider other road users.

•To ensure that product is delivered in compliance with food safety, legality and quality parameters.

•To ensure the hygiene of your vehicle, both internally and externally, washing of vehicles must only be undertaken at the farm or at an approved vehicle cleaning plant.

•Maintain the safety of products during breakdown whilst in transportation

•‪Maintain the safety and integrity of products during transportation when parked overnight, through insuring the load is covered or under cover.

•To promote the positive image of your employer and visitors to ensure the continued development of the business.

•Consider co-workers and assist if required

‪Major key responsibilities is the ability to reverse a loaded or empty trailer in confined spaces carefully, insuring awareness of surrounding areas.

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