CLUJ NAPOCA: Tel: 072 4082 270  
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Information for Employers

Our business is a success today because we offer the highest levels of service to UK & Ireland other companies in EU looking for the best staff and candidates alike. We are uncompromising in our determination to strive for lasting relationships with our clients and candidates. We mostly specialize in providing agricultural/horticultural and hotel staff through UK. After ROMANIA became a member of European Union we can provide much wider range of the best qualified staff in every sphere of modern business starting from agricultural staff to IT specialists. For more information read about us page.

If you require good member of your company team please write us an e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or contact us over the phone in UK +44 (0) 203 28 777 14

 YOUTH AND STUDENT INTERNATIONAL INFORMATION AND EMPLOYMENT AGENCY provides a full range of recruitment services e.g.

• Inviting farmers to overseas countries to arrange farm presentations and selection of right workers,

• Advertising vacancies in mass media,

• Shortlisting candidates according to employers requirements,

• Interviewing candidates and checking their references,

• Providing transfer to the UK,

• Instructing candidates on the basis of terms and conditions of the employers,

• Supporting the recruited staff while being in the UK,

• Supporting employers in resolving various kinds of situation,

• Replacing staff free of charge.



Our business is successful because we offer high level of services to UK companies looking for the best staff and to the candidates. We are uncompromising in our determination to strive for lasting relationships with our clients and candidates.


We assume that you may have someone in UK who helps you to find staff through another partner organisation based overseas but we are here to recruit directly and keep direct communication in order to bring you our own good staff and save your money on recruitment. Try us and you will never be dissapointed because we are the future of recruitment business in UK and other EU countries..


We are also happy to recruit staff for you from Slovakia , Latvia and Lithuania where we have got recruitment offices beside ROMANIA.


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